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Tiger Search Network - U.S. Partner ("Actaeon Partners")

Eric is first and foremost a proud father and family man with 5 children ranging from 8 to 13 years of age.  He has spent three decades building companies and teams and has operating experience as an entrepreneur, CEO, sales leader, recruiter and global head of talent spanning successful start ups and global Fortune 500 companies.


Eric's career has taken him all over the world and he spent the better part of six years building and leading the first US company in Vietnam in the early 1990s.  He started his career in politics and had the privilege of serving as a political appointee in the Bush/Quayle Administration at the US Department of Interior.

Highlights include:

  • Youngest gubernatorial press secretary in the US for the Governor of Alaska

  • Adviser on the $5 billion Exxon Valdez oil spill settlement – the largest in history at that time

  • Founder/CEO of the first American company doing business in Vietnam where he successfully represented Chrysler, Hughes Network Systems and Amway among many others

  • Led a $600m sale of Hughes’ fixed wireless telecom equipment to Vietnam in 1994

  • Sales leader during highly successful IPO of Corporate Executive Board (NYSE:CEB)

  • Senior Client Partner and co-leader of $50m global CFO practice for Korn/Ferry (NYSE:KFY)

  • Partner and leader of global CFO practice at Russell Reynolds Associates

  • VP and Head of Talent acquisition for $18B Lear Corp (NYSE:LEA)

  • VP and Global Head of Talent for $17B Delphi Corp where he managed senior leadership team succession (NYSE:DLPH)

  • EVP Business Development for early stage start up serving as communications training partner for Facebook, Siemens, Google, LinkedIn, Netflix, Pandora and others

  • Coach for Harding & Co helping improve business development and revenue generation for large corporate clients


Eric’s career has included interactions with Presidents, Prime Ministers, CEOs, Governors, Senators, Boards of Directors and thousands of world-class executives.  He has recruited C suite executives for companies and organizations like Northrop Grumman, National Geographic Society, eBay, General Dynamics, Dell, Sprint, Aramark, Aetna, Sun Micro, Cigna, Exelon, Raytheon, MCI, Danaher, Lear and Delphi among many others.  He is passionate about building companies through better team dynamics and solving human capital problems that hinder performance.

Throughout his career, Eric has been known for his candor and down to earth nature and connects easily with people from the board room to the sidewalks.  He takes his responsibilities seriously though not himself, has absolutely no patience for bureaucracy and insists on finding a way to have fun even on the most challenging days.

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